[Article] The Cooperation with Network Partners in Returning Good Citizens to Society

Kamphaengphet Central Prison requires cooperation from networks from the social sector to participate in the process of inmate treatment, including vocational skill training. This is due to the fact that rehabilitating inmates to reform themselves into good citizens is accepted by the community. However, these processes cannot be implemented successfully by the prison alone. Therefore, relevant agencies from public, private, local, and people sectors are required to support experts to provide knowledge of vocational skills and health and sanitation services and also support various resources. This is to allow inmates who are considered socially disadvantaged people to reform themselves to be good citizens so that they can support themselves and family and not reoffend. The objectives are to create operating networks to provide care and assistance for inmates in accordance with the law and government’s policy. Also, it aims to create understanding for people to accept and provide opportunities when inmate reintegrate into society and improve the efficiency of the treatment of inmates and reduce recidivism

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