APCCA Rapporteurs

Rapporteurs are appointed based on the nomination of the Governing Board and endorsement by APCCA members. Rapporteurs serve the APCCA in roles set out by the Joint Declaration and do so for a fixed term of three years, which upon expiry may be extended once for a period of two years. A Rapporteur's duties would be to prepare the Discussion Guide and compile the report for each annual conference and to serve as the secretary to the Governing Board meetings.
Professor Neil Morgan, who has been a Rapporteur for APCCA since 1997 and Ms Irene Morgan, who has been serving APCCA since 2000 have served together as Rapporteurs since 2003.

Professor Neil Morgan
Professor Neil Morgan, Ph.D
Inspector of Custodial Services

Office of the Inspector of

Custodial Services
Western Australia

Ms Irene Morgan
Irene Morgan, LL.B, LL.M
Legal Policy Consultant

APCCA Joint Secretariat
The Joint Secretariat was established after the Joint Declaration in 2002 and this role has been undertaken by Hong Kong (China) and Singapore since then. The Joint Secretariat's term is reviewed by the Governing Board every two years.

According to the Joint Declaration, the APCCA Joint Secretariat will: (a) be a focal contact point between the APCCA and its members, and between the APCCA and other individuals and organisations; (b) maintain and distribute the APCCA materials and documents; (c) publish and distribute the APCCA Newsletter; (d) operate the APCCA web site; (e) be the APCCA Fund Administrator; (f) implement the resolutions and exercise such powers as authorized by the Annual Conference and/or the Governing Board; and (g) serve as the secretary to the Governing Board meetings in case the Rapporteur is not available.

Click Joint Declaration for the APCCA Joint Declaration.

To find out more about APCCA or contact the Rapporteurs, email [email protected]
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